Submission Guidelines

We are thrilled you are interested in collaborating with us.

When writing your piece, please take the following into consideration;

• We welcome content from a wide-range of disciplines and professions with an interest in rape culture – particularly with a religious and/or biblical element

• Posts are 500 – 1000 words

• Posts are written in UK English

• Please provide one good quality image which is useable under Creative Commons licensing. If you need help with this, please get in touch

• Where possible, please provide hyperlinks instead of footnotes

• Please provide us with a short author biography (two lines is sufficient) to accompany your post and, if you’d like, your twitter handle

• People normally expect shorter content online. To encourage more readers, please keep your paragraphs and sentences short. Paragraphs should not be longer than 5 – 6 lines

• If you are interested in submitting a multi-media contribution (e.g. video, audio or image) we would love to hear from you

• Occasionally and exceptionally, we may accept contributions that depart from these guidelines (e.g. which exceed the recommended length).

• Email your draft to